Stimulating memories in Norfolk's favourite visitor attractions


We are proud to support our regional hospitality sector in its efforts to create lasting memories for visitors to take away from the East of England.

We serve many of the region's top venues, providing coffee roasted right here in Norfolk. Working with these venues, we are eager, through our coffee, to provide distinctive flavours that stimulate memories of the broads, our fantastic coastline, and the communities that make the East of England such a wonderful place to visit.


We pride ourselves on working with some of Norfolk's most prominent hospitality and tourist attractions. Tailoring our premium coffee to their needs.

A Tailored Offer For Norfolk Hospitality 


Since our early days, we've worked closely with the hospitality sector to create bespoke products to complement their customers' warm welcome and great service. These include own-label retail bags for sale in guest shops and custom coffee blends to enhance the unique customer experience. We also supply 'one-cup' sachets to give the perfect brew in a cafetiere - ideal for short-stay holiday lets. For people on the go, we supply one-cup coffee filter packs which are very popular with campers and hikers and can enjoy great coffee when out and about. Because our environmental credentials matter to your guests and to us, our packaging is compostable.

We're always happy to talk to hospitality customers who value a Norfolk connection. Our team is ready to help with options that best suit each business and to offer a free trial of our coffee to test its success. So, if you want a high-quality option for your hospitality venue, get in touch today.

Our customers tell us that visitors want a unique option when visiting them, something that gives them another connection to their adventure. 


Our coffee is an excellent talking point, giving a taste of Norfolk from around the world.