Bringing locally roasted coffee to your Farm Shop


Shopping in Farm Shops has become increasingly popular as customers seek to buy high quality products, produced locally. Farmers need to diversify their range and are turning to locally roasted coffee with artisan blends chosen specifically for their Farm Shop and brand.

Here at Javabean, we make high quality coffee easy to understand, accessible to everyone and roasted with local flair, creating something you can proudly sell as roasted in Norfolk.


 "From staff training, technical problems, product and service advice…..anything! The coffee range is excellent and sells very well."


Tom, Drove Orchard Farm Shop

Drove Orchard Farm Shop


Drove Orchard Farm Shop saw the potential to sell locally roasted coffee in their shop as an added service to their customers

"As a wholesale customer of Javabean, we couldn't be happier with the products and the level of service they provide. Being so passionate about what they do, they are a pleasure to work with and are always happy to go the extra mile and help in any way they can. Staff training, technical problems, product and service advice. Anything. They sell excellent coffee too, a great range of coffees that sells very well."

So if you are keen to try our range of coffee on a wholesale agreement, get in touch. We can set up a trial, stocking a collection of coffees from around the world, and roasted right here in Norfolk. And you see how can adding another local product tempts your customers to come back for more.

Stocking our product in your farm shop is a great opportunity to bring something new to your customers. 


Our coffee is gathered from around the world. But it is roasted here in Norfolk.