Our Coffee

We are committed to supplying the finest quality single-origin coffees from selected responsible partners. With a transparent supply chain, we know paying a little more for our coffee goes a long way at origin.

Our freshly roasted options range from outstanding single origin coffees to our popular house blends. We really enjoy working with customers to create bespoke blends and roasts to provide a coffee just for you. We roast to get the best and fullest flavour from each and every bean, whether that's to add sweetness or body, or to highlight the natural flavours. Our beans are never flash roasted. So you can feel confident that our coffee is all artisan, ensuring you taste the flavours of the coffee, not the flavour of the roast.


We invite you to view our entire range of coffee below. If you would like more information about our coffee please feel free to Contact Us today.


Single Origin Coffee


Single-origin roasted coffee is the best way to get the most consistent flavour out of your coffee. This is especially important for coffee purists and those who enjoy tasting all the different notes that a good harvest has to offer.

Our single origin range: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala and Decaf.


Our Blends


A coffee blend is a combination of different beans roasted together to create a unique flavour profile. Most blends consist of two or three different types of bean. Some have up to five or six. Blending different beans allows roasters to create a complex flavour not achievable through roasting a single-source bean.


Inspired by the Norfolk broads, our blends are Broadland, Hickling and Rockland

Guest Coffee 


Our rotating selection of guest coffees are hand picked by our roasters to offer unique and exciting crop varieties and flavours.

We rotate the coffees regularly to give customers an opportunity to try a wide range of different flavours and origins.

Our current guest coffees: Ethiopian and Peru


Some of our best sellers