All our coffees are sourced through a completely transparent supply chain. We work directly with farmers or trusted third parties to guarantee the highest quality coffee, and that’s why we are proud to say all our coffees are 100% Direct Trade.


Our Brazilian coffee comes from a family of Specialty Coffee producers and exporters based in High Cerrado, Minas Gerais. The Barbosa’s produce coffee with a passion for the beans, respect towards the environment and a direct communication with buyers.


Our partnership with farms and associations ensures all our coffees are traceable from farm to cup, giving you the experience of tasting those special profiles of Micro-Lots harvested from a single Colombian farm.

Our social practices ensure all parties benefit, paying the farmer a real, fair price based on quality and incentives on sales.


From plantation to the final product, our Salvadoran coffee is carefully farmed and collected by members of the family once a year due to the six months of rain and six dry months.


The Ethiopian mountain ranges maintain tropical cloud forests, sub-tropical areas and a cool zone. This diversity combined with varied elevation means coffees from different regions hold their own unique characteristics. Amongst these, the key producing regions include Harar, Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Limu, Djimmah, Lekempti and Bebeka.


Coffee Bird is a six generation coffee farming family, working on building the next generation of coffee growers in Guatemala.

They help roasters connect with the right farmers for them; facilitating everything from sourcing, importing and exporting, to the creation of long lasting direct relationships.

At the heart of what they do lies a deep-rooted passion for coffee, its future and our farmers. As Cup of Excellence winning coffee farmers, they understand what it takes to grow quality.

They love their people, they love their planet, and they love their coffee.​ It’s a proven combination that has produced quality coffee – they’re not willing to compromise.


Despite the huge scale of its annual coffee production and great potential for growth and quality development, Honduras is rarely found at centre stage in the Central American coffee hall of fame. With the perfect farming conditions including high altitude, volcanic and fertile soils, the ideal climate and plenty of expertise, our Honduran coffee is a popular choice at Javabean.


James and Dale at Omwani Coffee Company are passionate about high quality arabicas from the incredible countries making up East Africa. Working directly with small-hold farmers and processors, they aim for each bean to be fully traceable for big flavours and character in every brew.