The V60 Coffee Dripper is world-famous for being scientifically designed to manually extract the perfect cup of coffee every time.

The ideal V60 design and name comes from the V-shaped, 60° angle of its body. The angle and ribs that line the dripper provide for even spread of water through your coffee grounds. The ribs help during drawdown to the big opening, which allows you to control the flow speed of your pour.

This V60 dripper is perfect for adventurous coffee enthusiasts. Easy to use and clean, this no-fuss coffee dripper is durable, heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. The V60 design makes it simple to ensure perfect extraction for a distinctive coffee aroma and rich, flavourful aftertaste.

This V60  dripper produces one delightful cup of coffee at a time. It comes with a handy measuring spoon to ensure you make only as much as you need. This dripper comes in either red or white.