Inspire ideas and team togetherness over a great cup of coffee


The workplace is changing. And fast. Yesterday's water cooler chat is today's coffee conversation. People increasingly connect over coffee. It stimulates ideas, inspires discussions, and brings teams together.

That's why businesses display our coffee. It's not just great coffee, it kicks off conversations about our Norfolk provenance. Beyond that, our team is happy to discuss how we can create a customised blend to delight your team and provide a talking point when you entertain clients and customers.

Proudly roasted in Norfolk. Proudly powering Norfolk businesses.


Speak to our team today, about how a free trial of our coffee can power your team tomorrow.

Hethel Innovation - Coffee Forum


We believe that coffee powers conversation, creates communities, inspires collaborative working and builds relationships that support great organisations offering another way to value their teams. That's the core of a thriving business.

Hethel Innovation takes community very seriously. And it clearly takes coffee seriously too. It created the "Coffee Forum". This is a place for people to meet and share ideas over great coffee as they collaborate and drive innovation in their businesses.

"We use three blends of Javabean coffee in our coffee forum and the super tasty beans have been a real hit! Throughout the day, the coffee forum is buzzing with the sound of beans being ground, the aroma of fresh coffee and the chatter of people exchanging ideas over a cup or two,"

"Also, it's great to be supporting a small local business like Javabean who are passionate about maintaining a low carbon footprint. Our orders are processed quickly and packed into reusable tubs ready for collection.

We wholeheartedly recommend Javabean for rich, expertly roasted coffee beans matched with a reliable and environmentally responsible service."

We want to support many more Norfolk businesses with great coffee from around the world, roasted right here in Norfolk. If you would like to try a free sample of our coffee, which we can offer in as bean or custom ground, get in touch with our team today.

High-quality coffee in workplaces is an excellent way to differentiate your business.

Great workplaces understand that coffee can fuel ideas, and conversations, bringing teams together.